Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Press Statement

Pfizer job losses another crippling blow to Irish labour market

Speaking today after the announcement by pharmaceutical firm Pfizer that it is to cut 785 jobs at its Irish operations,Sinn Féin said the absence of a concrete job creation package is crippling our economic recovery.

With the majority of the job losses proposed for the Ringaskiddy area, Sinn Féin representatives added their voice to the shock of the employees who now face an uncertain future as efforts begin to find a new company to take over and run the plants.

In a joint statement from the SF elected representatives across Munster, they said:

“We have been told time and time again that pharmaceuticals will be integral in the development of Ireland’s smart economy, yet the Government have failed to capitalise on this high-end industry which has the potential to create employment for thousands of skilled people across this State.

“While Pfizer are cutting jobs globally, this has dealt another crippling blow to the Irish labour market, where there are no prospects of alternative employment.

“The Government and its Ministers are quick to get a photo taken when there are any new job announcements, but they are consistently absent from the cold-face where people are losing their jobs.

“The Government is failing the people of this State and the absence of a concrete job creation package is crippling our economic recovery.”

Go Raibh Maith Agaibh,

Paul Hayes, PRO.

Signed on behalf of Munster Sinn Féin.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Wreath-Laying ceremony in Carrigtwohill Co Cork

A wreath-laying ceremony took place last Saturday May 15th in Carrigtwohill Co Cork to honour four men murdered by British forces during the War of Independence, Cork Republicans gathered at 3 crosses in the town erected in memory of the following; William Brandsfield, Michael Aherne,John Ryan and Richard Flynn.

Volunteer William Brandsfield was killed by members of the Cameron Highlanders regiment.Based in Cobh, the soldiers raided the village of Carrigtwohill almost every Saturday night and on May 8, 1921, an unarmed Brandsfield was taken from his home and shot down by members of the regiment. Willam Brandsfield is buried in the Republican Plot, St.Finbarr's Cemetery Cork.

A while later an attack took place on British forces in Midleton on May 14, 1921, in which an RIC sergeant, two Black and Tans and two Royal Marines were killed, The British swiftly extracted revenge at the nearby village of Carrigtwohill.

Michael Aherne (brother of Volunteer Jack Aherne), Ballyrichard, Richard Flynn, Knockgriffin and John Ryan, Woodstock, Carrigtwohill, were taken from their homes in the early hours of the following morning by members of the Cameron Highlanders regiment. The unarmed men were shot dead and their bullet-riddled bodies were later found by local people not far from the scene of their abduction. All three men are buried in the Republican Plot, Midelton, Co Cork.

Friday, May 14, 2010

Press release

Closure of Orthopaedic a Slap in the Face for Cork’s Northside

Sinn Féin councillors Jonathan O’Brien and Thomas Gould have described yesterday’s announcement of the closure of the orthopaedic hospital as a slap in the face for Cork’s Northside.

They commented: “Yesterday it was announced that the sole remaining hospital on the Northside of the city is to be closed. This comes as the conclusion of an ongoing process, beginning with the closure of the North Infirmary and continuing with the gradual downgrading of the Orthopaedic over recent years, which has seen hospital services progressively withdrawn from the Northside.”

“This is a slap in the face for residents of the area who need more health care services, not less.”

“The fact that people on the Northside – including rapidly expanding communities like Blarney and Glanmire – will have to travel to the south of the city for hospital care can only result in longer response times, more stress for patients and their families, and a decreased standard of care.”

“The Orthopaedic, situated as it is on a large body of undeveloped land, would be an ideal location for a general hospital servicing the Northside. Instead of being closed, it should be developed as the centre for an wider range of health care services.”

“Sinn Féin supports the workers and their families in their campaign against the closure of the hospital. Despite yesterday’s decision, we are committed to the continued campaign for adequate health services for Cork’s Northside.”

For further information contact Cllr Jonathan O’Brien @ 085/2133907 or Cllr Thomas Gould @ 087/3021551.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Volunteer Tony Ahern Commemoration

The 37th anniversary of the death of Volunteer Tony Ahern was marked in Carrigaline on Sunday 9th May, the Cork Colour Party and two pipers led the assembly to the graveside where Cllr Henry Cremin gave the main oration.

Press Release

Head Shop Legislation Must Be Fast-Tracked

Sinn Féin councillors in Cork today welcomed the banning of a range of products sold in Head Shops but warned that the government’s proposed legislation to regulate the sector must be fast-tracked.

Cllrs Jonathan O’Brien and Thomas Gould stated: “Today’s ban on a range of legal highs is welcome and long-overdue.”

“However the government must now move quickly to introduce promised legislation which will make it an offense to supply psychoactive substances. Otherwise today’s initiative will quickly become redundant, as Head Shop proprietors rush to get around the law by producing new kinds of legal highs not covered by the ban.”

“Sinn Fein published a bill outlining our proposals to tackle this issue some months ago. We await with interest the details of the government’s planned legislation. Hopefully it will be adequate to deal once and for all with the problem of legal highs.”

“However, it remains the case that while the government has dragged its feet on the issue for several years while the number of Head Shops around the country has proliferated. Meanwhile, Sinn Féin has actively campaigned against legalised drug dealing and the threat these outlets pose to the health and well-being of the community. Here in Cork we have held a series of protests outside Head Shops over recent months.”

“We intend to watch developments carefully in the coming weeks. If the government’s legislation is unduly delayed or turns out to be inadequate, and the Head Shop industry remains in business, the protests will resume.”

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Benifit night

Benifit night, Saturday 8th May 8.30pm, Deanrock Bar Togher featuring 'SPIRIT OF FREEDOM', for more info contact the Sinn Féin office Tel 021/4311389 087/6755793.

Volunteer Commemoration

Volunteer Tony Ahern Commemoration (37th anniversary) Sunday 9th May 3pm assemble Carrigaline cemetery Co Cork, speaker Cllr Henry Cremin.