Friday, June 29, 2012

Cork Sinn Féin Youth to launch campaign against youth unemployment and emigration: “No Jobs, No Future. NO WAY!

Cork Sinn Féin Youth to launch campaign against youth unemployment and emigration: “No Jobs, No Future. NO WAY!” The youth wing of Sinn Féin is to launch a campaign highlighting the issue of youth unemployment and forced emigration entitled “No Jobs, No Future, NO WAY!” The campaign launches on 1st July and will be rolled out across the 32 Counties in the coming weeks. As the campaign develops, Sinn Féin will put forward their alternative to the failed policies of the Fine Gael/Labour government in tackling the issue of youth unemployment. Speaking in advance of the campaign launch (to take the form of a youth canvass in Cork City this coming Sunday - 1st July), Sinn Féin National Youth Committee member Joe Lynch said “I applaud Sinn Féin Youth for launching this campaign. This is an incredibly difficult time to be young in Ireland and it is only getting worse. It has been said that for the first time since World War II this generation of European’s will be worse off than their parents. That is an intolerable situation and Sinn Féin Youth are organising a campaign to effect change in national policy, North and South, to put the priorities of young people on the political agenda.” “30% of Irish young people are unemployed and we all know that figure is artificially low when we consider how many of our young people have left our shores for Australia, Canada and so on. Approximately 70,000 young people have just completed their Leaving Cert and face an uncertain future whilst this government sits idly by doing nothing to tackle the youth unemployment crisis - the same number of people are expected to emigrate this year.” “That’s the reality of being young today in Ireland and why young members of Sinn Féin are launching this national campaign. The campaign will involve youth engagement, on-street and other public demonstrations, online campaigning and solid concrete proposals from Sinn Féin for a change in policy to address youth unemployment and emigration. I wish our young activists every success with the campaign and call on all young people to get involved and play their part.” ENDS For further information or comment contact Joe Lynch @ 085-7055089