Sunday, March 31, 2013

Graffiti removed from Republican headstones after local activists rally

Graffiti removed from Republican headstones after local activists rally The graffiti that tarnished headstones in the republican plot at St. Finbarr’s Cemetery has been removed in time for today’s annual Easter Rising Commemoration. The mindless vandalism has been fully cleaned from the graves, including that of former Lord Mayor Tomás MacCurtain, following a two day cleaning operation carried out by members of The Phoenix Historical Society, Sinn Féin and concerned members of the community. Sinn Féin Councillor Mick Nugent, who spent a great deal of time at the plot of over the last forty-eight hours, has thanked everyone who took part in the cleaning effort and he moved to reassure members of the public that the plot is now in immaculate condition ahead of tomorrow’s ceremonies. Councillor Nugent said: “After the initial understandable shock and anger, we got down to the work of returning the headstones to their rightful condition. It has been a very busy couple of days but I am glad to say that the Republican plot is now in pristine condition for today’s Easter Rising commemoration.” “I want to thank all those who took part in the clean-up operation and those who expressed their disgust at such an act. Regardless of political perspective, most would acknowledge that this graves symbolise a very significant strand of both Irish and local Cork history. I genuinely hope that those responsible will now reflect on their actions and feel some sense of remorse. “But the main message is positive. The mindless tagging has been removed and we are ready to remember those who made the ultimate sacrifice in the cause of Irish freedom today. We would encourage all the people of Cork to come along and join the ceremony. The Republican plot in St.Finbarr’s cemetery is the final resting place for many of those to whom we owe so much. It would be a fitting tribute to their memories if we can match the crowd that came out last year when Gerry Adams gave the main oration. It would also send a message to the vandals that we, as a community, abhor their behaviour and the desecration of our history.” The commemoration will assemble at 2.30pm at the National Monument on the Grand Parade and will parade to St.Finbarr’s Cemetery via Barrack Street. The main oration will be delivered by Sinn Féin Social Protection Spokesperson Aengus Ó Snodaigh. Schedule of Easter Rising Commemorations throughout Cork: •11:00am Macroom. Wreath-laying ceremony •11:00am Youghal. Speaker: Jonathan O’Brien •12 noon Clonakilty. Speaker: Chris O’Leary •12:30pm Bandon. Speaker: Aengus Ó Snodaigh •2:30pm Cork City. Speaker: Aengus Ó Snodaigh ENDS

Thursday, March 28, 2013

Fine Gael TD’s objection to Easter Lily another example of anti-Republican bias

Fine Gael TD’s objection to Easter Lily another example of anti-Republican bias Cork North Central Sinn Féin TD, Jonathan O’Brien, has said that the objections raised by Fine Gael deputy Charlie Flanagan to the wearing of the Easter Lily in the Dáil reflected is own “deep-rooted prejudices”. During a Dáil sitting on Tuesday, Deputy Flanagan disrupted the debate when he challenged Sinn Féin TDs Brian Stanley and Michael Colreavy on the wearing of the Lily and called on the Ceann Comhairle to make a ruling on matter under the Dáil Standing Orders. Deputy O’Brien said: “The outrageous attempt by Charlie Flanagan to prevent Sinn Féin Deputies from honouring Ireland’s patriot dead by wearing a commemorative Easter Lily reflects his own deep-rooted prejudices and his loathing of all things Republican. “I would remind Deputy Flanagan that without the sacrifice of generations of men and women who fought British Imperialism, he would never have had the opportunity to stand here as a parliamentarian and make such ludicrous statements. “The offense taken by Deputy Flanagan to the wearing of an Easter Lily is in sharp contrast to the tolerance he showed last November to the display of the poppy by some his party colleagues. “Deputy Flanagan and others within Fine Gael might be ashamed of their past but they will not bully Sinn Féin TDs from wearing a symbol that commemorates the Easter Rising and the sacrifice of those who fought and died for Irish freedom.”

Very positive meeting held on Blackpool flooding issue – Gould

Very positive meeting held on Blackpool flooding issue – Gould Sinn Féin councillor Thomas Gould has described as “very positive” a meetin held today on the flooding in Blackpool last week. The meeting was attended by the City Manager Tim Lucey, The Lord Mayor John Buttimer, council officials and engineers. Also present were a number of local business owners and local councillors. Following the meeting Cllr.Gould said: “The meeting was a very positive engagement on the issues surrounding the persistent occurrences of flooding in Blackpool. The council will have a consultant engineer appointed within the next 7-10 days to carry out a study of what remedial measures that need to be carried out to reduce the risk of future flooding." “Cork City Council also proposed to install CCTV camera to monitor the trash barriers and are also going to install water level meters which will notify the community if the water levels are dangerously high. The Council are also enquiring why Met Eireann did not issue a warning before last week's flooding and they are committed to monitoring the rainfall in the future." “They have also committed to manage, monitor and maintain the river. Council will contact landowners whose property is adjacent to the river as there have been issues with trees and other debris being carried downstream that should have been secured by the landowners.” Councillor Gould also stated that it was a step forward that community involvement was seen an integral part of a response. He said: “It was agreed that monthly meetings would take place between the council and the community. The community would also have an input with the consultant engineer and that the issue of flooding would be on the agenda at the environmental meetings in City Hall. The City Manager has committed funding to help carry out remedial works and has said will do everything in his power to support Blackpool." “With regard the issue of rates and promised government funding I will continue to pursue these. I have no response from the meeting yet that was held today with the OPW but if Blackpool is to be protected from future flooding it is the job of the OPW to ensure this.” For further information please contact Cllr.Thomas Gould on 0873021551

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Sinn Féin Councillor Thomas Gould walks out of City Council meeting in protest at lack of response to Blackpool flooding

Sinn Féin Councillor Thomas Gould walks out of City Council meeting in protest at lack of response to Blackpool flooding Sinn Fein Councillor Thomas Gould tonight walked out of a meeting of Cork City Council in protest at the lack of response to the recent flooding in Blackpool. Cllr. Gould said: “The OPW is sitting on a report that must still go out to tender for the design phase of the flood protection. I called for this report to be fast-tracked nine months ago. Here we now and Blackpool is flooded again and there still isn’t a credible plan in place to protect from similar disastrous events in the future.” “Last week Minister Kathleen Lynch announced that the culverts in Blackpool did not have the capacity to deal with flooding. The City Manager was asked tonight if he could confirm this information and he couldn’t do so. The only thing that the City Manager proposed to do was to monitor and maintain trash screens on the waterway up-stream from the culverts.” “No compensation will be provided to residents and business affected by the flooding. For the second time in nine months, I proposed rates waivers for those impacted and it was again rejected by the City Manager." “I asked for flood protection barriers for all the people and businesses in Blackpool that have been devastated once again. There needs to be an immediate implementation of an insurance scheme to cover people who cannot get flood insurance. If Cork City Council does help and fight for the people and businesses of Blackpool, who will?” Speaking about his decision to walk out of tonight’s meeting, Cllr.Gould said: “I couldn’t in all good conscience remain in a meeting that I felt was effectively doing absolutely nothing to address the situation in Blackpool. I wasn’t getting any credible responses to what most people would consider to be reasonable questions followings event last Thursday night. The people of Blackpool deserve much better than what went on here this evening.” For further information please contact Cllr.Thomas Gould 0873021551

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Tomás MacCurtain to be honoured in Cork City this Saturday evening

Tomás MacCurtain to be honoured in Cork City this Saturday evening The annual commemoration in honour of Tomás MacCurtain will be held this coming Saturday evening. The Sinn Féin Lord Mayor of Cork was assassinated in his home in Blackpool by the RIC on March 20th 1920 on what would have been his 36th Birthday. This year marks the 93rd anniversary of his death. The commemoration will assemble at the North Cathedral at 5pm before parading to the Tomás MaCurtain monument on Great William O’Brien Street. The main speakers at the event will be Sinn Féin Cllr. Thomas Gould and the party’s second candidate in the South-East ward Shane O’Shea. The MacCurtain/MacSwiney Republican Flute Band will also be in attendance. Encouraging people to turn out for the event, Mr.O’Shea said: “Tomás MacCurtain is a Cork icon and personal hero of mine. He was a man of great conviction who led the people of Cork during the fight for independence. It is only right that we continue to keep his memory alive in his native city.” “MacCurtain demonstrated a type of leadership and a commitment to the people of Ireland that is sorely lacking by those in Government today. The commemoration is open to everyone and I would encourage people to come along and join us next Saturday evening."