Thursday, March 28, 2013

Very positive meeting held on Blackpool flooding issue – Gould

Very positive meeting held on Blackpool flooding issue – Gould Sinn Féin councillor Thomas Gould has described as “very positive” a meetin held today on the flooding in Blackpool last week. The meeting was attended by the City Manager Tim Lucey, The Lord Mayor John Buttimer, council officials and engineers. Also present were a number of local business owners and local councillors. Following the meeting Cllr.Gould said: “The meeting was a very positive engagement on the issues surrounding the persistent occurrences of flooding in Blackpool. The council will have a consultant engineer appointed within the next 7-10 days to carry out a study of what remedial measures that need to be carried out to reduce the risk of future flooding." “Cork City Council also proposed to install CCTV camera to monitor the trash barriers and are also going to install water level meters which will notify the community if the water levels are dangerously high. The Council are also enquiring why Met Eireann did not issue a warning before last week's flooding and they are committed to monitoring the rainfall in the future." “They have also committed to manage, monitor and maintain the river. Council will contact landowners whose property is adjacent to the river as there have been issues with trees and other debris being carried downstream that should have been secured by the landowners.” Councillor Gould also stated that it was a step forward that community involvement was seen an integral part of a response. He said: “It was agreed that monthly meetings would take place between the council and the community. The community would also have an input with the consultant engineer and that the issue of flooding would be on the agenda at the environmental meetings in City Hall. The City Manager has committed funding to help carry out remedial works and has said will do everything in his power to support Blackpool." “With regard the issue of rates and promised government funding I will continue to pursue these. I have no response from the meeting yet that was held today with the OPW but if Blackpool is to be protected from future flooding it is the job of the OPW to ensure this.” For further information please contact Cllr.Thomas Gould on 0873021551

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