Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Administration of Back to School Allowance a Shambles

Administration of Back to School Allowance a Shambles

Sinn Féin councillor Jonathan O’Brien has slammed the failure of the HSE to ensure prompt processing of applications for the Back to School Clothing and footwear Allowance, citing numerous examples of constituents who have still not received the payment as schools re-open this week.

Cllr O’Brien stated:

“It is clear the HSE is struggling with the volume of applications for the Back To School Clothing and Footwear Allowance they have received. Some applications submitted in June have still not been paid.”

“As children return to school this week many parents are under extreme financial pressure – and the delay in payment of the Back to School Allowance is simply adding to their burden.”

“Sinn Féin has worked hard over a number of years to make people aware of this scheme which is one of the most under-claimed of all entitlements. We warned last year that the HSE did not have the resources to manage this scheme and unfortunately we have been proved right. It is scandalous that parents are being effectively denied this payment until after the school term starts, leaving many of them having to put themselves into debt in order to pay for school uniforms, books, trainers etc.”

“I am calling on the HSE to assign extra staff to the scheme to speed things up. The Health Services Executive needs to get its act together and clear the backlog of applications.”

For further information contact Cllr Jonathan O’Brien @085-2133907.

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