Thursday, November 25, 2010

Ireland is Not For Sale-Protest at Cork City Hall

Ireland is Not For Sale - Protest at City Hall

Several hundred people took part in a protest outside City Hall last night organised by Cork Sinn Féin. Starting at the National Monument, the protest proceeded along the South Mall to City Hall, where it was addressed by speakers who included Sinn Féin councillors Jonathan O'Brien and Chris O'Leary and economist Tom O'Connor. Protesters rejected the government's plans for an IMF bailout and called for an immediate general election.

Cllr Jonathan O'Brien said:

"Today the government unveiled the four year plan of cutbacks that has been dictated to them by their masters in Brussels and the IMF. Once more their target is the low-paid, the unemployed and those dependent on public services. The minimum wage is to be cut by €1, social welfare payments reduced, and low-paid workers brought into the tax net. All to bail out the banks and ensure the German and British bondholders who lent to them get their money back."

"The government wants to sell our sovereignty and mortgage our future to rescue the banks."

"Our message today is - Ireland is not for sale. The government has no authority to do this. Fianna Fail is a discredited party that has lost the confidence of its junior partners in government, the independents, and most importantly, the Irish people. It is deliberately delaying bye-elections in Waterford, Donegal North East and South Dublin in order to cling on to power. It has no mandate to negotiate with the IMF on our behalf or tie us into an economic straight-jacket for the next four years."

"We want the people to have a say. We want Fianna Fail out, and an election now."

For further information or comment, contact Cllr Jonathan O'Brien @ 085-2133907

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