Monday, December 6, 2010

Sinn Féin to Seek Council Debate on Economic Crisis-O'Brien

Sinn Féin to Seek Council Debate on Economic Crisis

Sinn Féin members of Cork City Council will seek the suspension of standing orders at today’s meeting so the council can debate the EU/IMF bailout and its impact on the council’s services and budget in the years ahead.

The leader of the Sinn Féin group in City Hall, Cllr Jonathan O’Brien, said:

“This evening I will be putting a motion requesting the suspension of standing orders to the council so we can have an opportunity to discuss the EU/IMF bailout and its implications.”

“The developments of the past few weeks will have a profound effect on our city and our country for years to come. It is important that the elected members of the council get the opportunity to discuss them. This is especially vital given that a government in its dying days, which has lost the confidence of the public and is clinging to power only by the expedient of delaying the three bye-elections that remain due, is currently taking decisions that will shape this country for years to come.”

“There are serious concerns for the future of local services, given the agenda of privatisation and cutbacks written into the terms of the EU/IMF bailout package. Of particular concern is the proposal to transfer responsibility for water supply from local authorities to a new water utility. Alongside the introduction of water charges, this is clearly preparing the way for privatisation.”

“The cutbacks imposed by the EU/IMF and the government’s four year plan will also have a major impact on the council’s budgetary position, and on the prospects for economic recovery in Cork. We need a discussion on how we can secure revenue and maintain council services in the future, and promote job creation and growth in the city.”

“I hope other parties on the council will support our motion to suspend standing orders later today.”

For further information or comment contact Cllr Jonathan O’Brien @ 085-2133907

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