Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Labour and Fine Gael in Cynical Political Exercise- O'Brien

Labour and Fine Gael in Cynical Political Exercise- O'Brien

Sinn Fein’s general election candidate for Cork North Central, councillor Jonathan O’Brien, has said the people should be allowed give their verdict on the budget in an immediate general election and accused Labour and Fine Gael of a cynical political exercise in supporting the government over the Finance Bill.

Cllr O’Brien said:

“Labour and Fine Gael claim to oppose last December’s budget, yet both parties are working with the government to ensure its passage through the Dáil.”

“Rather than rushing through the legislation to implement Brian Lenihan’s disastrous budget in the dying days of this government, they could have taken advantage of the government’s minority status to trigger an immediate general election. Every party would then have the opportunity to put its economic strategies before the electorate and voters could choose between them. By facilitating the passage of the Finance Bill, Labour and Fine Gael are further committing the country to the government’s slash and burn economics without letting the people have their say in an election.”

“This shows how little difference there is between Fianna Fáil and the so-called opposition on the economy. It is a cynical exercise to spare these parties the political cost of implementing policies similar to those of Fianna Fail if they are in government after the election.”

“Sinn Féin has consistently opposed both the budget and the Finance Bill. We want the Irish people to be given an open and democratic choice about the economic future of this country and we are calling on any party which wants to be part of the next government to give a commitment to introducing a new budget as soon as they come into office.”

For further information or comment contact Cllr Jonathan O’Brien 085-2133907

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