Friday, April 8, 2011

Closure of CDP a Blow to Local Community- Nugent

Closure of CDP a Blow to Local Community- Nugent

Sinn Féin councillor Mick Nugent has said the closure of the Community Development Project in Farranree today (Friday) is a blow to the local area. He said: "The closure of the CDP will mean the loss of a range of services to the community, including home-work clubs, computer courses and assistance with CVs and job-seeking."

"The project has been central to the community in the area over the years and local residents I have spoken to were united in their disappointment that it has not been saved. It is regrettable that the new government has not reversed Fianna Fáil's policy of cutting community services. This is not just bad for communities like Farranree, it is a false economy. Tackling exclusion at its root is cheaper than dealing with its consequences later on."

“It is particularly ironic that a community facility like this should close because it is denied a relatively small amount of funding less than a week after a further €24 billion was pumped into our delinquent banks.” For further information or comment contact Mick Nugent @ 087-6755793.

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