Friday, May 6, 2011

Cost of Royal Visit Would be Better Spent on Mahon Library- O'Leary

Cost of Royal Visit Would be Better Spent on Mahon Library

Responding to the news last night that the building of a new library in Mahon will not take place due to insufficient funds, local councillor Chris O’Leary said money being spent on the English queen’s visit would be put to better use providing library services.

Cllr O’Leary said:

“Last week it was announced that €250,000 is to be spent doing up the English market for the queen. Tens of thousands more will be spent preparing City Hall for her visit, on street entertainment and on security.”

“Meanwhile the community in Mahon is being told it is not to have a library, which had been promised to the area for years.”

“The council’s priorities are grotesquely distorted, when it can find money to throw about the place to prepare the city for the unwanted visit by an English monarch, but cannot provide vital services for communities.”

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