Thursday, September 8, 2011

Large Attendance at Meeting on Community Safety in Mayfield

Large Attendance at Meeting on Community Safety in Mayfield

There was a large turnout of residents at a public meeting in Mayfield organised by Sinn Féin last night on the theme of “Creating a Safer Community”. Over fifty people attended the meeting at St Joseph’s Community Centre on the Old Youghal Road.

Residents were united in their concerns about drug-dealing in the area and their determination to come together as a community to tackle the problem.

Several expressed disappointment at the absence of representatives of the Gardai and the council, who had been invited to attend the meeting but declined.

Calls were made for a tougher approach from the Gardai to those known to be dealing in drugs and for the council to evict anti-social tenants. Residents also demanded action from the council to improve the public realm in the area, by reducing the number of boarded up houses, improving lighting, and closing alleyways.

A significant number of residents expressed interest in forming a Residents’ Action Committee to campaign on the issues raised at the meeting.

The gathering was chaired by local Sinn Féin representative Pat Coughlan, and was addressed by Jonathan O’Brien TD as well as councillors Mick Nugent and Chris O’Leary. Afterwards, Mr Coughlan said:

“Tonight’s meeting shows the community in Mayfield coming together to address the problems that are being caused by a small minority of people in the area.”

“While it is up to the Gardai to tackle criminality, there is also a role for the community in making it clear to anti-social elements that they arte not welcome. The Gardai and the council need to support local people in their efforts to improve the quality of life of everybody in Mayfield.”

For further information or comment contact Pat Coughlan @ 086-23836005, Jonathan O’Brien TD @ 086-0274142, or Cllr Mick Nugent @ 087-6755793

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