Wednesday, September 28, 2011

O’Brien Urges Voters to Check Register

O’Brien Urges Voters to Check Register

Jonathan O’Brien TD today urged voters to make sure they are registered to vote in the presidential election before the deadline of 10th October.

Deputy O’Brien – who is director of the McGuinness for President campaign in Cork – said it was important that people check to see they are on the electoral register, even if they had voted in the past.

“This election is a vital opportunity for people to make a statement about the kind of future they want for our country. It is important that people are registered to vote and that they use their vote.”

“There have been cases at previous elections where people believed they were on the register only to find when they turned up at the polling station they were ineligible to vote. To make sure you will be able to vote in the presidential election, go online at www. and see that you are registered.”

“Those who are not currently on the register have until 10th October to put themselves on the supplementary register.”

Deputy O’Brien also criticised the government for holding the presidential election on a Thursday:

“The decision to hold the election on a Thursday will effectively disenfranchise thousands of students who will be away from home at college on the day. It is disgraceful that the government has failed to facilitate these young people to have their say.”

For further information or comment contact Jonathan O’Brien TD @ 086-0274142

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  1. Nice post........It’s a good idea to use your check register as a backup system even

    if you trust that your bank is keeping track of things for