Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Council Must Tackle Issue of Vacant Houses-Nugent

Council Must Tackle Issue of Vacant Houses

Speaking after a meeting of Cork City Council’s housing committee last night, Sinn Féin councillor Mick Nugent said the local authority must tackle the issue of vacant council houses, some of which are currently being left empty for up to two years.

The committee had earlier referred a motion from Cllr Nugent, calling for a maximum turnaround of three months on vacant houses, to the next full council meeting for a decision.

Cllr Nugent said:

“With 9,000 people on the council’s housing list, it is no longer tolerable that perfectly good houses should be left sitting there for 6 months, a year, or in the case of one house I know of in my own ward, two years.”

“Not only is it a disgrace that these houses should be empty while there are people in desperate need of accommodation; they frequently become dumping grounds or magnets for anti-social behaviour. The presence of empty, boarded up houses in an area promotes an air of neglect which can be the breeding ground for other social problems.”

“In these straightened times, when the council’s budget has been reduced, surely it becomes all the more important to make the best use possible of its existing resources, and ensure a quick turnaround of houses as they become vacant?”

For further information contact Cllr Mick Nugent @ 087-6755793

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