Thursday, June 9, 2011

Government Ignores Election Pledge to Reduce Quangos- O'Leary

Government Ignores Election Pledge to Reduce Quangos- O'Leary

Sinn Féin councillor Chris O’Leary has accused the government of creating more quangos, in a direct reversal of its election pledge to reduce the number of such bodies in the public service.

Cllr O’Leary said:

“During the election Fine Gael made great play of its promise to cut the number of quangos and increase the efficiency of the public service.”

“Since taking office however, they have done the complete opposite. For instance, they have announced a new semi-state body, Irish Water, which will take over the running of water services from local authorities, and a “Special Delivery Unit” in the health service to cut waiting lists.”

“Neither of these will do anything to promote more effective services – all they will do is add more layers of bureaucracy. In our health service, we already have the HSE superimposed over the old heath boards: now Minister Reilly is proposing to add another layer of management with the SDU.”

“In its first hundred days this government has already made it clear that it does not represent a new politics or a break with the past. Last week we heard that numerous government TDs and ministers are employing their relatives as constituency secretaries at the taxpayer’s expense. The establishment of a slew of new quangos is more evidence that the coalition is engaged in business as usual.”

For further information contact Cllr Chris O’Leary @ 087-2794307

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