Monday, June 27, 2011

Manager Must Retain Public Refuse Service-Nugent

Manager Must Retain Public Refuse Service-Nugent

Speaking in advance of the Manger’s report on the future of the city’s refuse service this evening, Sinn Féin councillor Mick Nugent has said the public refuse service must be retained.

Cllr Nugent said:

“Any move to privatise the refuse service would be simply unacceptable.”

“More than 5,600 households in the city are currently receiving full waivers from bin charges. These include the elderly, the disabled and the unemployed, who simply cannot afford extra charges. If the service is privatised these waivers will be withdrawn.”

“The public refuse service has been operating on an uneven playing field to date, carrying the cost of the waiver scheme while private operators are free to cherry-pick the most profitable customers and routes. Instead of selling off or closing down the service, we need to make sure it can operate on a level playing field in future.”

“This can be done – at no cost to the taxpayer – by introducing a risk-equalisation scheme, similar to that which already exists in the health insurance market, whereby private operators would pay a contribution towards the maintenance of the waiver scheme.”

For further information contact Cllr Mick Nugent @ 087-6755793

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