Monday, February 21, 2011

Chris O'Leary Calls for Free Recycling Service

Chris O’ Leary Calls for Free Recycling Service

Sinn Féin’s Cork South Central candidate, Chris O’ Leary has said that if we are to seriously encourage recycling, then recycling materials should be collected for free from people’s homes and places of work.

Chris O’ Leary said: “It’s always amazed me that councils choose to charge people for collecting recycling material. We should be encouraging people to recycle and keep the rubbish mountain down. In the long term it would make recycling more efficient and cut down on the amount of waste going into land dumps.”

“If we are to seriously tackle climate stage then we can begin by tackling the huge amount of waste material that is dumped in the ground or exported to China. Free recycling encourages people to separate as much reusable material as possible from the waste they have to pay for.”

“Local authorities should put more effort into encouraging indigenous industries which can reuse materials and turn them into profitable commodities. Councils or waste operators should be required to collect recycling materials for free. Stop paying lip service to climate change and build on the goodwill of most people who recycle their waste.”ENDS

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