Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Threatened Cork Job Losses Show Fianna Fáil Hypocrisy- O'Brien

Threatened Cork Job Losses Show Fianna Fail Hypocrisy

Cork North Central candidate, Jonathan O Brien, today said that the threatened layoffs of workers on the retrofitting scheme in Farranferris and across the country showed the hypocrisy of Fianna Fail on the issue of job creation. It is ironic that the layoffs are to occur on Friday, Election Day, while Fianna Fail’s election literature quotes retrofitting as a part of its jobs initiative.

Jonathan O Brien said: “The threatened layoff of up to 20 workers from NCE Insulation shows the hypocrisy of Fianna Fail on jobs creation. During the leader’s debate last night and this morning on radio, Micheál Martin quoted retrofitting as an important element of his jobs proposals.”

“It is my understanding that the money for this scheme has been transferred from Europe to Dublin but the existing Fianna Fail Minister has not signed off for it to be paid out. This will result in the closure of up to 25 such schemes across the country, including that run by NCE Insulation based in Farranferris, Cork. It could also affect some CE workers involved in the scheme.”

“These are the very type of jobs which much be preserved. Cork cannot afford any more job losses. I call on those responsible to immediately allocate funding to ensure the continuance of this important scheme.”ENDS

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