Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Power to Make Change in the People's Hands- O'Brien

Power To Make Change in the People's Hands-O'Brien

Speaking from the canvas, Cork North Central Candidate, Jonathan O Brien, said that the power to make change lies in the peoples hands and urged them to come out and use their vote on Friday.

Jonathan O Brien said: “The last three weeks canvassing have been a humbling experience. The devastation caused by the last government’s policies is widespread. Fine Gael offers a continuation of these policies with further tax rises and further cuts in services.”

“The people of Cork North Central have an opportunity on Friday to elect strong and radical representation for this constituency. It is time for change. Use your vote to say that we want to see an Ireland fit for all its people, not just those in the golden circle.”ENDS

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  1. Jonathan,
    I am hoping that you make it in our new government.I myself have grown up with politics in the north and like most understand "the bullshit" involved in party/multi- party politics.If you get all the way,remember the ordinary people of Ireland and do not go down the road of being "bought off" at the expense of the community that gave you the chance to voice our needs and wants .Good luck,enjoy and make the most of it!!!