Friday, February 18, 2011

IMF Diktat to Greece is Forewarning of What is to come for Ireland

IMF diktat to Greece is forewarning of what is to come for Ireland

Cork North Central candidate Jonathan O Brien speaking from the campaign trail warned that the order by IMF/EU officials to the Greek Government to sell off €50 billion in state assets provides a forewarning of what is to come down the road if the bailout is kept to in Ireland. The Greek PASOK government, one of Labour’s sister parties in the European parliament, has already promised to sell off €7 billion in state assets, and has introduced a savage series of cuts. They are now under pressure to sell off airports and public amenities to multi national corporations.

Jonathan O Brien said:

“What is happening in Greece is what will happen here unless the IMF/EU bailout is rejected. Wages and public services have been slashed and now the social democratic government is being told to sell off the state to profiteers. “The Memorandum of Understanding, which Olli Rehn has said is binding on the Irish state, outlines a timetable to examine the sell of off state companies. Fianna Fáil, Labour and Fine Gael are all committed to adhering to the IMF/EU bailout.”

“The only choice here is to reject the bank bailout and in reclaiming our sovereignty from the EU and the IMF throw off the massive and unsustainable bank debt.” ENDS

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