Thursday, February 17, 2011

Jobs Most Important Issue Facing Ireland- O'Brien

Jobs Most Important Issue Facing Ireland-O'Brien

Addressing the Blarney Chamber of Commerce on Wednesday evening, Sinn Féin’s Cork North Central candidate Jonathan O Brien said that the issue of the jobs was the most important issue facing the country and resources need to be put into job creation not zombie banks or bond holders.

Jonathan O Brien said: “Jobs are nearly always a topic in elections. But in this election, the country is in crisis and the issue is very real and very urgent. Jobs are the number one issue, here in Cork and across the country.”

“We have to make job creation a priority. We have to make a clear decision whether to put what remains of our squandered resources into creating jobs or pouring it into zombie banks and bondholders.”

“I firmly believe that Sinn Féin’s ten point plan will start a recovery, will produce jobs and begin the road to prosperity. It will not be easy, but we have to start with an economy undermined by years of misrule.”

On Friday morning we will launch our specific proposals for Cork. We want to introduce a stimulus package which will bring back jobs to the city and its surrounds, which will turn around the tide of emigration and above all bring hope to the people of Cork.”ENDS

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