Thursday, February 17, 2011

Support The Nurses- O'Leary

Support The Nurses

Speaking on the campaign trail in Wilton, Sinn Féin candidate, Chris O Leary, expressed support for the nurses and student nurses who were on a national demonstrating today against the removal of wages.

Chris O Leary said: “I wish to express my support and Sinn Féin’s support for the nurses protesting today. The decision to withdraw pay from student nurses doing a full days work is wrong and should be reversed.”

“The HSE is not recruiting any new nurses under orders from the government and at the same time spending huge sums of money hiring in private agency nurses. So bad is the situation that the new community hospital in Ballincollig is unable to open due to staff shortage and the HSE is tendering out to private companies to provide staff for this new unit.”

“Nurses are in the front line of health provision. They have to cope with the outcome of the cuts trying to provide good patient care. It is not right that they are now expected at student level to do a day’s work without any pay, while at the same time the government is throwing money at private firms to provide nursing cover.”

We should be paying reasonable rates to nurses working in our hospitals, including young new recruits, not wasting resources on agency staff that have no long term commitment to the service.”ENDS

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