Monday, March 7, 2011

Labour and Fine Gael to Implement Fianna Fáil Policies- O'Brien

Labour and Fine Gael to Implement Fianna Fail Policies – O’Brien

Sinn Féin TD Jonathan O’Brien has said the programme for government agreed by Fine Gael and Labour represents a continuation of Fianna Fail policies and will bitterly disappoint people who voted for change in the election.

Deputy O’Brien said:

“Today’s deal means that while there will be different faces sitting around the cabinet table, they will be implementing the same old policies that have bankrupted the country and left low and middle-income earners struggling to make ends meet.”

“Last December’s budget, with its savage cuts in social welfare and introduction of the Universal Social Charge, is to be implemented in full. Another €3 billion will be taken out of the economy next year. Fianna Fáil’s four year programme of cutbacks is effectively unchanged. Further billions are to be poured into the black hole that is the banks.”

“The new government will introduce water charges and a property tax – but the coalition has explicitly ruled out any increase in the tax levied on high earners. 25,000 public servants are to be let go by 2015 – a move that is certain to decimate frontline services.”

“There is nothing in this programme for government to offer hope for the unemployed, those contemplating emigration, or hard-pressed families who are struggling to make ends meet. The Labour Party, in particular, has failed those who voted for change in the election. They have formally signed up to the consensus for cuts alongside Fine Gael and Fianna Fail. Sinn Féin is now the last line of defence for working people and that is a role we will take seriously in the new Dáil.”

For further information or comment contact Deputy Jonathan O’Brien @ 085-2133907

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