Thursday, March 31, 2011

Life Line to the Community Stifled by Red Tape- O'Leary

Life Line to the Community Stifled By Red Tape-O'Leary

Sinn Féin councillor Chris O’Leary has criticised plans to force residents and community groups who apply for ward funds to provide a tax clearance certificate. The new procedures being introduced by the city council would require voluntary organisations in receipt of sums ranging from €100-€500 to prove they are tax compliant.

Cllr O’Leary said:

“Ward funds are a life line to many groups active in the local community. The monies involved are small – donations range from as little as €100 to a maximum of €500 – but they can make a big difference to a sports club looking for new equipment or a residents’ association organising a community clean-up.”

“The City Council has announced that in future it will require councillors to request a tax clearance certificate from groups to whom they donate ward funds. This is a ridiculous demand to place on local community groups and residents’ associations. It is also unnecessary. The legislation the council is citing as the basis for this requirement dates to 2006. Why demand a tax certificate now when there has been no such requirement over the past five years?”

“I fully support the concept of openness and accountability in the use of public money. But there are more important targets than the local sports club. At present, councillors who claim conference expenses don’t have to produce receipts. And the council has proved woefully lax in its enforcement of employment standards on sub-contractors engaged on council projects.”

“The City Management should scrap this proposal and not stifle a life-line to the community with red tape.”

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