Friday, March 4, 2011

Sinn Féin Will Be The Real Opposition- O'Brien

Sinn Féin Will Be the Real Opposition - O’Brien

Speaking last night after attending his first parliamentary party meeting in Dublin, Jonathan O’Brien TD said Sinn Féin would be the real opposition in the new Dáil to a “coalition for cuts” led by Fine Gael.

Cllr O’Brien said:

“Today I attended my first parliamentary party meeting of the new Sinn Féin group in Leinster House. With fourteen TDs – more than triple our numbers in the outgoing Dáil – we are going to ensure there is a strong, principled voice for working people in the new chamber.”

“We need to reverse the Universal Social Charge and ease the financial pressure on hard-pressed families. We need to create jobs and end the tide of emigration that is seeing up to 1,000 people a week leave our shores. We must invest in our economy to get it growing again and that includes providing vital infrastructure for Cork’s Northside, which has been neglected for too long. These are among the issues I will be speaking out on in the Dáil.”

“Recent statements by Fine Gael and Labour that the public finances are worse than they had believed are designed to provide cover for the Labour Party to ditch its election promises and form a coalition for cuts with Fine Gael. As we pointed out during the election campaign, Fine Gael and Labour are set to continue the failed policies of Fianna Fail.”

“This leaves Sinn Féin as the only party providing real opposition. I look forward to playing my part in the new Dáil in offering the Irish people a real alternative to the politics of the establishment parties.”

For further information or comment contact Deputy Jonathan O’Brien @ 085-2133907

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