Monday, March 28, 2011

Sinn Féin Challenges Government Parties on Universal Social Charge

Sinn Féin Challenges Government Parties on Universal Social Charge

Sinn Féin is to put a motion before the Dail tomorrow calling for the abolition of the Universal Social Charge. Speaking this morning, Jonathan O’Brien TD said the motion was a challenge to Fine Gael and Labour to live up to their election promises to bring about change. Deputy O’Brien said: “The Universal Social Charge is grossly unfair. It breaches the fundamental principle of progressive taxation – that those who have more should pay more. It is a flat tax which everyone with an income above €16,016 pays at the same rate of 7%.” “People who are earning as little as €77 a week are paying this tax.”

“At a time of increased mortgage rates and rising prices for food and fuel, this is another heavy burden on the working poor and on families who are struggling to make ends meet.”“There are alternatives. For example, a third rate of tax of 48% on individuals earning incomes of over €100,000 would bring in almost exactly the same amount as the Universal Social Charge, without penalising low-income earners.” “Fine Gael and Labour went before the electorate on a platform of change.

In their programme for government, they promised to review the Universal Social Charge. Sinn Fein’s motion is a challenge to them to live up to these promises. Does this government really want to bring about change or will it mean a continuation of Fianna Fail policies with different faces at the cabinet table?” For further information or comment contact Jonathan O’Brien @ 085-2133907

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